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Furnished apartments and houses for dog owners

City-Guide Berlin

Dogs love their long walks. Unfortunately only few homes in Berlin are located in the open country or near a forest. But every city district has its park or green area for your daily dog-walks. Your ideal option would be a ground-floor apartment with a terrace or garden, a flat that would make your dog happy, too. Not telling the landlord about your pet when concluding your rental agreement may result in a major hassle or even eviction. Many agreements have a ‘no pets’ clause. It may also matter whether you have a small dog or a large dog. To many landlords, dog owners are a risk. They fear paw marks on parquet floors and angry neighbours if a dog is left alone and barks for attention. Include a picture of your dog. Or bring your dog along on a sighting. This will convince your landlord that your four-legged friend is really well-behaved. You should also take out third-party insurance for your dog. In case your buddy accidentally knocks over a vase, the insurer will foot the bill. Our search filter “Dogs permitted” will show you all flats for dog-owners.