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Personal guidance

We think that finding the right tenant should not be a left to coincidence. We therefore feel responsible for a precise and smooth letting process. If you wish to offer a flat or serviced apartment in Berlin or Potsdam for rent, we walk you through the entire procedure every step of the way. No matter if you are the owner or the tenant of the flat – we take care of every detail throughout your tenants’ stay.

For it is the details that make up a good agency service.



We love what we do – as everyone can see. If you plan to rent out your furnished flat, our experts will draw up a perfect property description. Our professional photographers are specialised in interior photography and know how to show your place in the best possible light.

We ensure that your property will stand up to any competition.



We hope you find our work convincing. Our caring and considerate agents will offer their best to support you throughout the letting process, from fixing the rent to the conclusion of the rental agreement. Whether your place “sleeps 3” or “sleeps 4” – we never sleep! Thanks to our efficient workflow we will find your perfect tenant in next to no time.

Our record: over 90% occupancy and extremely short time-to-market.

Our 10 ingredients of secure rental deals in Berlin


Simple registration

Register your flat with us at no cost and without risk. We charge you a service fee only if and when we have successfully brokered a deal. Thanks to our differential pricing policy, our service charges will work out cost-neutral to most of our landlords.


Working case-by-case

Every rental apartment and every house is different. Hence, the way we handle our lettings business is to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We pay specific attention to every detail and make your flat competitive.


Setting the price

The proper way to determine a rental price is to perform a sound market analysis. There are various factors to consider – floorspace is not the only one. We work to seek out the optimum market opportunities for your rental flat or house. Not a single cent will be lost.


A free-of-charge photoshoot

Our team of professionals is specialised in interior photography. We highlight the best features of your property from bath to bedroom including furniture, appliances and other amenities so that people will love to move in.


Hassle-free viewings

We take over the time-consuming task of showing your furnished flat to prospective tenants, always representing your interests with expertise and delicacy.


Reviewed rental agreements

We take care of all the terms and conditions and prepare your personal rental agreement. No matter if you are offering your apartment on a temporary sub-letting agreement or as a permanent arrangement: The contract will cover all the relevant details of the tenancy such as rental price, deposit and period of notice. The rent and the deposit will be paid straight into your bank account.


Reliable tenants only

Voluntary disclosure by the tenant, a credit report from SCHUFA and an up-to-date salary statement minimise the contingency of default and high-risk lodgers. coming home will only take on tenants with a sound credit record. This makes letting your furnished accommodation a safe bet.


Perfect furnishings

Expensive furniture does not always justify a higher rent. Our interior decorators will be happy to share their knowledge so that your apartment looks attractive and is optimally furnished. Adding a touch of luxury to make it feel like a hotel.


Facility management

If you cannot take care of the apartment yourself, our cooperation partners will be pleased to handle the check-in and check-out process on your behalf, write the necessary reports, schedule cleanings and arrange any necessary repairs to your property.


Success monitoring

We consistently check how your apartment is performing, and how one might make it an even more successful runner. Our agents supervise all our lettings, working continuously to boost the demand and develop effective remedies to prevent unnecessary vacancy periods.

Why our landlords love coming home

Occupancy rates to dream of

We are reliable. At a 90% occupancy record, coming home meets all expectations. We figure out the best possible rental price and do an optimum marketing job. We turn your furnished rental flat or your temporary sub-letting deals into a success story.



We stand firmly by our landlords’ side even at times when the going gets rough. We always help and find a solution, even if there is not much of a market for your unit. If the rent asked for your flat bears no relation to the floorspace, location or amenities provided, we develop creative methods to make your furnished flat in Berlin more competitive, so that it ends up being a success.


Our many years in this specific agency business have made us a seasoned player. We are panic-proof and have everything under control even in turbulent times. You can bank on us.

No risk

We only receive a service fee if and when we have successfully brokered a deal. Thanks to our specific pricing policy, our service charges will even work out cost-neutral to most of our landlords. And what is more, service fees count as a tax-deductible expenditure. Hiring us does not come with a commitment, and registration is free of charge.

Time saved

In managing their lettings, our landlords need not bother with any administrative chores. They never need not look into all the marketing options, or appoint cleaners, or sort out complex legal issues, or be available on the phone 24/7. We can take all that off your shoulders, save your time and make your life easier.


Professionalism is one thing. But trust is the beginning of everything. We value a friendly and respectful relationship both among ourselves and with our clients and business partners. This is how we have built our large network and created long-lasting affiliations. Trust is made of good past experiences.

“... except someone does it.”

coming home helps those who urgently need somewhere to live. For many years now we have sponsored a charity project in Africa. Each invoice paid into our account contains a small contribution. So each and every landlord can chip in. It’s like Erich Kästner put it: “There is nothing good except someone does it.”

Why we love our landlords

We’re friends

Our landlords know that we work with all our hearts and minds. We give advice and broker rental agreements with passion. Our motivation: Things done with pleasure are things done right. We firmly believe that the warmth and friendliness with which we treat our landlords forms the substrate of a perfect service and trustful cooperation.



People who entrust us with their property recognise the value of an agency service that is both professional and friendly. They now that good tenants do not grow on trees. They understand that many process steps need to be performed prior to signing an agreement. Our personal involvement is being recognised, and recognition is what motivates us.

A spot of bother

Errors do occur, and even if they happen rarely they can disrupt things in a major way. They may range from a small typo to a lost key. There is no problem for which there is no solution. Nobody is perfect, but we do our best!

Tell your friends

Over 95% of our landlords would do it again, offering their home for rent through coming home, or recommend us to their friends. In our sector this is a rare thing to happen, and it makes us proud. Here’s a big thank you to all those who have entrusted us with their flats and houses in the past 20 years.


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