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Furnished rental apartments for smokers

City-Guide Berlin

If you are a smoker, use a filter. To be more precise, use our search filter “Smoking permitted” and you are sure to find your smoker’s flat. And your landlords or landlady’s response will be much more smoker-friendly if they are told outright. Having a secret smoke only gets you into trouble, and you may even lose your tenancy. It also matters whether the smoking happens inside the apartments or outside. When entering your search query, state whether you are definitely seeking a smokers apartment or perhaps a flat with a balcony. Many casual smokers prefer not to smoke inside their apartment at all. Non-smoking or smoking-permitted arrangements are firmly laid down in the rental agreement. Landlords make no distinction between heavy smoking, occasional smoking or smoking through an open window. To avoid conflict please state right from the beginning that you are looking for a flat for smokers. After all, everyone wants a tenancy relationship to be amiable.